Are your ceramics dishwasher and microwave safe?

All of my ceramics are microwave safe however not every piece is dishwasher safe. If a piece is glazed entirely on the outside, then it is dishwasher safe, But the pieces with raw clay on the outside are not. Having the raw clay out shows a different texture that I prefer as an artist but these pieces in the dishwasher can soak up too much water and stain the outside. To avoid that just handwash your pieces, this will also help with the longevity of the piece. If you are unsure if the piece you bought can be put int the washer send me an email thenaturesclay@gmail.com to get clarification. 

 What materials do you use for shipping?

At The Nature’s Clay I am a firm believer in taking care of our Earth and I put that in action by using reusable or biodegradable items in packing. I use packing peanuts that dissolve in water, tape that uses naturally found gum to give extra stick to paper that breaks down, and eco-friendly packing paper to act like bubble wrap. It is not perfectly eco-friendly yet but we are trying to take steps towards a better company and enviroment.


How long does it take you to release a new batch?

This varies on how many things I am working on and the time I personally have to get everything done! I do set loose goals to get everything ready to restock in about 2-3 months. If you want real time updates of when new things drop follow me on any of my social medias and sign up for the email subscription!


How do I know my piece won’t break while being shipped?

Having a broken piece come in the mail is heartbreaking that’s why I double box all of my items and line them with proper cushioning. When I wrap all my items I wrap them with care and love. This method helps to ensure breakage will happen less. However, once the package is out of my hands I am out of control with how it is treated it but I take all the precautions I can to minimize shipping breaks!


Do you accept custom orders or special orders?

I love making a personalized item for a customer but as of right now I am unable to accept orders. The process of making an order can get pricy and takes a lot of time that I enjoy doing but since I am a one woman show I can only take on so much at this moment!

What happens if I like a certain style but can’t find it the next release?

I am able to have true creative freedom on what I release but I love hearing what y’all like the most so I often take polls on my Instagram and love reading comments. By putting in your input I am able to gauge what will show up in the next release to give you the products you want most.