The Nature’s Clay is a small batch woman owned ceramic business that specializes in spreading the joy of modern clay pieces with as little harm to the earth as we can. We believe in making handcrafted ceramics with natural materials to bring warmth into the home it lives in.

That is why we feel firmly in using eco-friendly shipping products like packing peanuts that break down in water (try it with kids it’s a great science experiment and it’s fun for adults too), biodegradable wrapping paper, and eco-friendly tape that uses natural gum from plants.

We are honestly big nature freaks and want to incorporate it into our work with everything we do from hand painted plant designs to creating minimalist organic forms inspired by Mother Nature herself.


Meet the Maker: Tiffany

Photo by Christa Daigle

Tiffany Lowery is a Louisiana native who turned her hobby of ceramics into an online small business while juggling college. She has been slinging clay since 2018 when she took a ceramic elective and fell in love with it.

She is a firm believer in supporting other artists and wants to spread the joy of clay to as many people as she can through social media.

She is passionate about the preserving the Earth we live on and exploring as much as she can. Her pastime is filled with finding new projects to DIY, cooking, and anything creative.